Photo classes - illustration photoIf you are a photography fan this offer may be right for you. I’d like to introduce my personal photo classes.

Those classes are suited for beginner photographers as well as for advanced ones. I will personally guide everyone who wants to improve in photography skills.

Photo classes are usually 2 day long and are focused on getting familiar with photo equipment and the basics of wildlife photography. You will be able to practice everything you learn photographing tame animals as well as animals living in the game preserve (deer, mouflon sheep, fallow deer, otter, owl etc.). Another task is learning basics of computer photo editing and preparing your images for printing. I can also arrange printing of your photos in professional photo lab with 15 - 20 % discount.

Because all of my photo classes are taken in beautiful Sumava and Lipno Lake surroundings it is possible to join them with the vacation for the whole family. There are countless activities to be done here. For example horse riding, bikes, beach, yachting, go-karts, and others.

Accommodation with meals can be arranged.

The price of the class is depending on its length and the number of participants.

participantsprice (EUR)
2 persons320,-
3 persons420,-
4 - 5 persons520,-
6 and more95,-/person

Price is based on 2 day class without accommodation.